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Litter born 6/11/15

7 puppies

Sire: Shadow

Dam: Cheyenne

The puppies shown here are puppies that we have sold in the past. Occasionally we will update the page with pictures sent to us from their new owners. Please visit our Available Puppies page to see any puppies that are currently available.

Two blue eyes

Nya                         Female 1 - Grey & White


The Girls


Left to right: Female 2, Female 1, Female 3

The Boys


Left to right: Male 4, Male 2, Male 3, Male 1

Lincoln                        Male 1 - Grey & White


Two blue eyes

Apollo                     Male 2 - Black & White


Two blue eyes

Rayn                   Female 2 - Light Grey & White


Two blue eyes

Echo                    Female 3 - Light Grey & White


Two blue eyes

Dragon                   Male 3 - Grey & White


Two blue eyes

Simba                      Male 4 - Black & White


One blue eye & One brown eye

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